KIM MARIE—Writer, Director, Producer

A couple creative solutions in the branding of a writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Kim Marie, a female filmmaker creating art and media with purpose.


The fact here is that there are very few women directing big Hollywood films, and the number is declining. And, while the independent film world may be more welcoming to women than major studios, female directors are still less prominent than men. In this environment, Kim Marie creates Hollywood-caliber film and art.


Against the odds, how to showcase her powerfully on par with the ol’ boys network. Employ a campaign that reflects the iconic male association with the beverage industry, featuring Kim Marie as the powerful presence.


Kim Marie portrays the powerful, beautiful woman that celebrates success in the style and manner of her male counterparts in the industry. The piece is perfect for editorial use and can be picked up as a campaign for a sponsor in the category— Campaign Concept 2017 © Tamara Parisio.

Aligning the film-maker, production company founder, and the film … beginning with a POSITIONING STATEMENT: Kim Marie, from the Inside Out, has a vision to shape the world and assist people to shift into their purpose. Through the art of film, Kim intends to reach the masses by entertaining and educating them about the world’s mysterious gifts. Kim employs her spiritual strength to teach growth from inside out, finding power in even the most challenging situations. Her deep inner reflections—prayers and meditations—fuel her vision to impact many lives. Her modality of the arts meets commerce meets philanthropy propels her purpose-driven personal mission. About her love for the art of film, Kim reflects that “there is no greater industry to touch lives, to raise awareness and support for charitable causes, and to spread a message that brings light and hope.”


Kim Marie creates films to entertain and educate audiences. Brand Kim as a powerful producer, director, and writer to break through in an industry dominated by men while introducing her indie film Urban Myths to the scene. Support awareness for her film company, Mirror Dog Productions, along with the current film debut.


Employ a slogan for Kim Marie, Inside Out, to represent her depth and her complete scope of competence from writer to producer to director, and more. Echo this with her production company, Mirror Dog ProductionsA world of Film and Art Inside/Out. At the same time, establish presence for Urban Myths via social media with a hashtag #JoinTheTribe. Bring this independent film to the scene via Film Festivals, and engage philanthropic partnerships to present the film in key markets.


Kim Marie brings her film to the screen at independent film festivals and partners with philanthropy for exclusive premier fundraising events in Michigan where the movie was filmed and Arizona where the film was finished to generate interest for distribution while raising awareness for related causes. The editorial style is fetching for publication and for online content.

SOUND BITES: When you are asked to comment or provide a quote, script it to say what you mean. — Tamara Parisio

Kim Marie has found a home in AZ and she brings Mirror Dog Productions to Scottsdale. When asked to provide a comment, it was intentionally scripted.
“After working in the Phoenix area I realized Arizona is rich in resources and there is great support for the Independent Filmmaker. From the below-the-line talent pool to the beautiful geography, the state has so much to offer a growing film industry. The quick commute from LA to Phoenix makes it easy to tap into expanded resources. Plus, one can budget 40 cents on the dollar filming in Arizona versus California which makes a smart ROI move for any full feature budget.” — Kim Marie, Director Urban Myths and Founder Mirror Dog Productions

What I did.

Getting to know Kim Marie, the writer, producer, director, and businessperson led by her heart and soul to create art that engages action was readily wrapped up by the slogan: Inside Out. Giving her powerful presence in the male-dominated industry was as easy as lifting a glass to success. And #JoinTheTribe aligned as the call to action for Urban Myths after recognizing the lore, and more, this indie film delivers.

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