T & A

We all know that sassy, sultry, savvy sells… so our motto is that every brand needs a little T&A.

We collaborate to bring you a full suite of possibilities. Branding, Landing, Launching. We’ve got you covered!


There are way too many so-so brands out there hiding beneath gobs of going-gets-tough. 


We create allure for your brand and present this fetching style across all business efforts.


Sway. Turn heads. Step into the room. Make an impression. Excite attention. Inspire.

You know, savvy, sultry, sassy sells. So put the sass in place! That je’ne’sais quois that turns heads and makes people want to have a little bit of what you’re having… We bring it.  Tamara Parisio of Art & Industry along with Anita Miranda of Miranda’s Creatives — T&A for your business — will assist you to find your mojo and make something of it!


You Like To Watch

We can do everything for you (DEFY)— everything or anything required to do the deed: Brand, Land, Launch, or Expand your business—with appropriate seduction of your audience. You can hire us by the task, by the hour, or by retainer (additional project rates may apply) …Give us a call and we’ll give you a quote… or you can get the DIY option in our new T&A Membership Club. It’s not for gentlemen only…. The T&A Membership Club premieres in the Fall (as soon as we get our act together). And, we are creating two options for your enjoyment.

You Like To Take Your Time

… and satisfy your self. Foundations (the Quickie) gives you access to ebooks, pdf’s, exercises, tips, and multi-media courses so you can take your time. Ramp up at your own pace. Choose to interact with the eCourse that tickles your fancy when the mood hits. You could come back and do it again and again—as often as you require to get the full benefit … for only $69 per month. No long-term commitment required.

You Like To Do It With Others

Or, you can join our Flesh-It-Out (the Big O) membership that includes everything in the Foundations plus a community to connect with, dish with, share in the experience — the pains or the breakthroughs — and grow together in this adventuresome, sassy brandbuilding journey … every one as committed to this as you are (no one night stands allowed). Plus, monthly calls to share breathy excitement and expand on juicy details to assist you in branding, landing, and launching the most irresistible business offers… all for only $99 per month. Again, no long term commitment required.

Let us assist you in making the most sensational statement… Membership enrollment is coming soon. Sign up for the “sweet nothings whispered in your email” to learn more. We welcome you with open arms and we promise an exciting ride as you brand, land, and launch your business with T&A (and some other fine friends). C’mon. Let’s bring sultry sassy savvy back! Get your groove on with a little T&A. — Tamara & Anita



 I can work directly with your GoDaddy hosted website! —Tamara

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