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Make your first impression last. Think. Create. Execute. Assess. Reflect. Respond.

Make the rules.

Invention is a form of making the rules. To create something so new that there are no rules.

Bend the rules.

Ideation is a form of bending the rules. To observe and reframe what you see.

Break the rules.

Innovation is a form of breaking the rules. To alter and repurpose.

Creative Director & Strategic Wordsmith

Wordsmith and Wonderer, Tamara takes your business across boundaries into opportunity. Having worn many hats, Tamara brings experience from across multiple industries and disciplines. This inspires inventive and innovative ideas for your brand.

“A team of one, but not solo. Always networking and observing and learning. Reaching for the stars so I can hand them to you one at a time. Catch up with me on twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and tumblr, too. Let’s keep the conversation going.

TWEET THIS “My philosophy: Do everything as if you’ll put your signature on it.” —@TamaraParisio

It started with Darren Stevens and the advertising antics on Bewitched. Follow the twinkle and bring stars to the show! Puns and twisted phrases were like strummed notes in my soul. From concept development to reframing the situation for optimal perspective, I had to create the magic.

I went to school and found the rules—then broke them. Then I had the great fortune of cutting my teeth in the world of David Ogilvy. O&M advertising was a dream job (I almost paid them to work there). I learned to create a buzz while creating award winning work for Mattel. Did some new business pitch work, too.

Also hung my hat at BBDO and Sheggeby Advertising. Spent some time in Entertainment. Cable Music Channel — production. Went on to Marketing at Teleflora (a Roll Company). Adding project management, product development, p&l, sales and promotion to the mix alongside advertising to round out my experience and understanding.

Passionate about making a mark. Excited to learn every day. Now, I reinvent myself regularly as I roll with the fast-changing world of communication, marketing, sales, advertising and relationship management.”

Creative Director & Strategic Wordsmith

Assist clients to create and implement marketing strategies centered on the core of the business and the services and products offered. Help create a brand image consistently presented across efforts. Facilitate development of a marketing plan, determine the message, and identify the marketing mix to get the message out. Follow the plan through, and support execution and implementation of the marketing strategy. Collaborate with the team to uphold the brand message across efforts.

Branding — assist in developing a core image that represents the business, services, and products offered.
Strategy — help develop strategic initiatives and planning
Wordsmith — facilitate honing the message for clarity and consistency in the marketplace
Creative — aid implementation by providing creative solutions to support efforts

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Phoenix Voyager — Conversations with the Inspiring Tamara Parisio

“My goal is to be ICONIC in what I do so that I can invest and spend resources as I desire to enrich the world! And I intend to give fabulous gifts to family and friends, wrapped in particularly pretty packages!” — Tamara Parision

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  • I had the pleasure of working with Tamara on a branding client’s project. Her strategic insight and ability to apply that creatively to copy is something sorely lacking in many copywriters. She is a prolific wordsmith who has the ability to deliver engaging copy that brings her client's message to life. Excellent work Tamara!

    Kelly O’Neil

  • I had struggled to find a hook I can hang my hat on. Without it, I couldn’t shift into gear. And then I met Tamara Parisio who made it clear and compelling! She scripted my logline and wordsmithed my Pitch Perfect. I recommend you invest in the Script Your Shift process with Tamara!

    Maria Tomas-Keegan