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HIRED HAND: to fill the role of your marketing cast when you need it!

  • FRACTIONAL CMO: When you seek structure, systems, and style for your business or brand and are not ready to staff up in full, I will step in to fill the role and get you rolling—HINT: start with your Playbook. From $5000 monthly with a minimum 6-month commitment
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTOR: You have a project that requires tending, I will step onto the scene to direct the action for your success. From $3000 monthly with a minimum 6-month commitment
  • HEARTSTORM SESSIONS: Grab some time with me to review your project, plan your next step, or get unstuck. From $150/15 minute session


BRAND PLAYBOOKS: for the budding startup, the burgeoning business, or the solopreneur!

  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Investigate your core competencies and determine market niches to serve! Starting at $12,000
  • FOCUS POCUS: Build the script for your brand strategy — includes SWOT, competitive review, positioning statement, target market, key tactics, and more 6 to 12 month plans from $10,000
  • GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT: Elevate your brand awareness with a power packed 60 second presentation of your award-winning story. From $5000
  • ICONIC I.D.: Your brand logo and slogan in stylized words, from $5000

THE WRITE STUFF: From business plan to marketing strategy to life script and more.

  • DIALOGUE: wanna talk about what we could do? $500/1-hour session to get an idea of the potentialities. (Can be applied toward a full project purchase).
  • SCENARIO: got an idea? let’s talk and I’ll outline your key characters and critical scenes. From $5000
  • SCENE: Do you require copy for your website, content for your blog? Let me know the scope and give me your budget to get a proposal that suits your scale. Starting at $5000
  • SCREENPLAY: is your life story worthy of a movie? $50,000 includes 90-page script with 2 revisions and 3-30 minute one-on-one sessions. Dialogue session fee will apply to Screenplay Purchase.
  • BUSINESS PLAYBOOK: why leave the action to chance? Write your way in and out of the ins and outs of business from entrepreneurship to startup to company to corporation. Packages start at $10,000. Dialogue session fee will apply to Playbook Purchase.

THE EDIT: A boost of creativity for writers, influencers, and solopreneurs.

COVER-AGE by Tamara Parisio - Art & Industry, photography by Anita Miranda

COVER-AGE by Tamara Parisio – Art & Industry, photography by Anita Miranda

  • COVERAGE: An editorial cover design (client supplies images and etc., or a photo session can be arranged for a separate fee) with headlines and an accompanying “about” article. From $2500
  • TOPICAL VIEW FOR SCATTERBRANDS: Get an organizational chart APERCU, an overview of your business to organize all you do. From $2500 (includes 1 hour Dialogue session).
  • EDITORIAL CALENDAR FOR BLOGGERS: Plan your work and work your plan. 3, 6, 12 month plans will outline key opportunities for your business, include topics and suggested headlines plus social media posts. Starting at $5,000
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGES: A strategy and an editorial calendar with suggested posts for key social media channels. Starting at $2,500

Do it as if you’d put your signature on it. —Tamara

IMAGE MAKER: Stand out with outstanding design.

  • LOGO: A signature for your business or for your brand, get a logo that reflects the depth of what you do.
  • IMAGES TO AMPLIFY: A series of branded images that echo your brand message consistently across social media channels.
  • COVERAGE COVER* ONLY: Your photo stylized as a magazine cover reflective of your brand (story not included in this version).

MONOLOGUE: Great support for speakers, coaches, presenters!

  • ONE SHEET: Front and back presentation of your services
  • FIRST SPEECH, LASTING IMPRESSION: 60 minutes power packed presentation of your award-winning story.
  • EXPAND EXPRESSION—WHEN IT IS TIME TO REFRESH OR REFOCUS when you want something “new” that is still you
  • ELABORATE SPEAKER’S SUITE: from $15,000 includes elevator speech, 60 minute speech, brand slogan.
  • FROM ELEVATOR TO STAGE TO THE BIG SCREEN: $60,000 — your elevator speech, your 60 minute keynote, and a screenplay of your life!


I work with agencies. Let’s strike up a STRATEGIC COLLABORATION that is mutually fabulous.

**Project rates available.

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