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HIRED HAND: to fill the role of your marketing cast when you need it!

  • FRACTIONAL CMO: When you seek structure, systems, and style for your business or brand and are not ready to staff up in full, I will step in to fill the role and get you rolling—HINT: start with your Playbook. From $2500 monthly with a minimum 3-month commitment
  • STRATEGIC DIRECTOR: You have a project that requires tending, I will step onto the scene to direct the action for your success. From $1500 monthly with a minimum 3-month commitment
  • HEARTSTORM SESSIONS: Grab some time with me to review your project, plan your next step, or get unstuck. From $50/15 minute session


BRAND PLAYBOOKS: for the budding startup, the burgeoning business, and the solopreneur!

  • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY: Investigate your core competencies and determine market niches to serve! from $2000
  • FOCUS POCUS: Build the script for your brand strategy — includes SWOT, competitive review, positioning statement, target market, key tactics, and more 6 to 12 month plans from $1500
  • GET YOUR STORY STRAIGHT: Elevate your brand awareness with a power packed 60 second presentation of your award-winning story. From $500
  • ICONIC I.D.: Your brand logo and slogan in stylized words, from $500

THE WRITE STUFF: From business plan to marketing strategy to life script and more.

  • DIALOGUE: wanna talk about what we could do? $200/1-hour session to get an idea of the potentialities. (Can be applied toward a full project purchase).
  • SCENARIO: got an idea? let’s talk and I’ll outline your key characters and critical scenes. $500
  • SCENE: Do you require copy for your website, content for your blog? Let me know the scope and give me your budget to get a proposal that suits your scale. Starting at $250
  • SCREENPLAY: is your life story worthy of a movie? $30,000 includes 90-page script with 2 revisions and 3-30 minute one-on-one sessions. Dialogue session fee will apply to Screenplay Purchase.
  • VIDEO SCRIPT: are you ready to get close up and personal with impact? Prices from $750 depending on scope of project.
  • FACEBOOK LIVE OUTLINE: a little hesitant to press “LIVE”? To boost confidence, have a plan! Packages start at $750
  • BUSINESS PLAYBOOK: why leave the action to chance? Write your way in and out of the ins and outs of business from entrepreneurship to startup to company to corporation. Packages start at $1,500. Dialogue session fee will apply to Playbook Purchase.

THE EDIT: A boost of creativity for writers, bloggers, and solopreneurs.

COVER-AGE by Tamara Parisio - Art & Industry, photography by Anita Miranda

COVER-AGE by Tamara Parisio – Art & Industry, photography by Anita Miranda

  • COVERAGE: An editorial cover design (client supplies images and etc., or a photo session can be arranged for a separate fee) with headlines and an accompanying “about” article. $750
  • ARTICLES FOR YOUR MAGAZINE OR BLOG: Starting at $300 (includes suggested main image).
  • MAP OUT YOUR BOOK PROJECT: Bid, propose, close. From $1000 (1-hour Dialogue Session fee will apply to this Purchase).
  • TOPICAL VIEW FOR SCATTERBRANDS: Get an organizational chart APERCU, an overview of your business to organize all you do. $500 (includes 1 hour Dialogue session).
  • EDITORIAL CALENDAR FOR BLOGGERS: Plan your work and work your plan. 3, 6, 12 month plans will outline key opportunities for your business, include topics and suggested headlines plus social media posts. Starting at $3,000
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MESSAGES: A strategy and an editorial calendar with suggested posts for key social media channels. Starting at $1,000

Do it as if you’d put your signature on it. —Tamara

IMAGE MAKER: Stand out with outstanding design.

  • LOGO: A signature for your business or for your brand, get a logo that reflects the depth of what you do. From $500
  • IMAGES TO AMPLIFY: A series of branded images that echo your brand message consistently across social media channels. Starting at $500
  • COVERAGE COVER* ONLY: Your photo stylized as a magazine cover reflective of your brand (story not included in this version). $300

MONOLOGUE: Great support for speakers, coaches, presenters!

  • ONE SHEET: Front and back presentation of your services $500 (client supplies headshot and etc., or a photo session can be arranged for a separate fee)
  • FIRST SPEECH, LASTING IMPRESSION: 60 minutes power packed presentation of your award-winning story. From $2500
  • ELABORATE SPEAKER’S SUITE: from $5000 includes elevator speech, 60 minute speech, brand slogan.
  • FROM ELEVATOR TO STAGE TO THE BIG SCREEN: $40,000 — your elevator speech, your 60 minute keynote, and a screenplay of your life!


FRESH PAGE: Each month I offer one “newbie” package for a nascent adventure. So if you are just getting over stage fright or beginning a new business venture, I offer you matching monies from my scholarship funds — so pick your required package and get it 50% off. To apply, simply send an email with these questions answered: Name, Nature of Business (Coach, Product, Service, Speaker, Author, Other___________), Website and social media sites (if available). Description of requirements and desires, plus preferred timing. And your take on why we would enjoy working together. email this to me and… good luck. I respond to all requests, eventually … when you can, pay forward by gifting the difference to someone who requires it…


I work with agencies. Let’s strike up a STRATEGIC COLLABORATION that is mutually fabulous.

**Project rates available.

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