World Wisdom Network & Silver Arrow Massage

When Karina Burchard desired a venue for sharing ancient and modern wisdom, she wisely teamed up with Tamara Parisio to assist in creating the space. Before a single concept was considered, Tamara got to the core of what Karina intended to do so that the foundation was set correctly from the start. With comprehension, the feminine owl icon was created to represent the World Wisdom Network. Then, a robust wordpress site was developed to showcase WWN and provide a blog platform for the wonderful stories. Social media was established in key arenas to amplify the word and attract the tribe. With that, Karina set off to share soul stirring revelations through story.

At the same time, it was important to showcase Silver Arrow Massage and the work Karina does with humans and animals. The refreshed site works in concert with WWN and it stands alone. This provide Karina with synergy in her works and it allows her to approach each with individuality of purpose.

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What we did.

We gave World Wisdom Network a brand presence with the wise, feminine owl. Then we created the space for Karina Burchard to share her light via World Wisdom Network. Plus, we refreshed the logo and created online real estate to showcase Karina's talented work with humans and animals via Silver Arrow Massage. Additionally, we set social media platforms to assist Karina with amplifying her message worldwide.

Wisdom Sharing

World Wisdom Network — Information on how to access your wisdom and apply it in your life.

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Sharing makes you an awesome human being.

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