Neil Argo, Composer

Your film comes alive with the sound of music.


Neil Argo, Composer, has created the musical score for many films, documentaries, and television programs. The task is to get attention among producers in order to score the music for a high visibility film.

Neil Argo, Composer

The hills are alive with the sound of music.


The message is focused on how Neil Argo music scores punctuate a film — bringing it to life. A series of print ads and videos propel the story.

Neil Argo, Composer, Film & TV Score

Your film comes alive with the sound of Argo.


Neil Argo gained awareness and recognition among key entertainment industry prospects who NOTE how the music influences the interpretation of the scene.  



"These clips show not only the composer's versatility and talent, but are unique in my viewing of composers' reels in educating people as to how profoundly the music can be an essential part of the story telling of the movie. The music sets the scene for how the mind will interpret the filmmakers scene. Nicely done! Maybe longer scenes should be included too. I wanted to see more." - Burton Goldstein

"The YouTube takes are totally classy and well done. A rarity these days. Speaks volumes!!! Great job." - Adrienne Adriani

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