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Strategic Wordsmith & Creative Director



Discover and amplify the power of your brand — business planning, strategy development, tactical direction, mindful marketing. Integrated efforts with a birds-eye view of key activities to capitalize on synergies and go beyond boundaries into opportunity. Determine your primary positioning. Script your shift.


With an understanding of the marketplace, develop relevant messages for your brand and deliver them to those who care — concept to copy for ads, on-strategy wordsmithing for your website, relevant story-telling for your blog, clarity for white papers, concise posts for social media, & more. Script your shift.


Break through the clutter with a fresh approach to presenting your raison d’etre — promote your proposition in a distinguished, distinctive manner to generate interest. Creative solutions to reflect the depth of what you do. Copywriting, I.D., Logo, Ads, Imagery, Content, & More. Script your shift.

Art & Industry — Parisio & Co


Mindful Marketing

Script your shift into creative solutions amplify your message, build your presence, respond to opportunities. I give you my word. Business Plan Development | Strategy | Tactics | SWOT | Budget | Define Opportunities | Target Market | 4P's | & More

Compelling Content

Relevant keywords extend and amplify the story for your success. Editorial strategy for powerful impact. Script your shift. Blog with Images & Imagination | Social Media | Facebook Posts | Tweets | Tumblr Tales | & More

Disruptive Design

Script your shift to communicate & amplify the depth of what you do aligned with your commanding unique selling proposition (USP). Strategic Copywriting | Logo | ID | Collateral | Ads | Website | Social Media Presence | Packaging | Product | & More

Vivifying Video

Extending your style in motion, script your shift into the starring role of your success. Script Direction | YouTube | Vine | & More

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  • "Tamara is by far one of the most creative and talented professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Her ability to approach common as well as complex problems in a fresh and precise way is a gift she brings to every facet of her professional life. She is truly a gem to have working with or for anyone.”

    Troy Mikell LinkedIn

  • “Tamara is the one colleague I would love to work with for the rest of my career. She is organized, decisive and one creative, smart cookie. We worked very well together at Jafra and accomplished a lot during the day. At night, we went to MBA school together and our statistics professor, who had taught at Harvard, told me that Tamara was the smartest person he'd ever taught. She's brilliant!"

    Paula Austin LinkedIn


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