Launch an amazing app for iPhone and Droid that will keep you company, entertain you, and enlighten you on your journey.  GeoReader is a smartphone app that reads aloud the text on landmarks and historical signposts as you drive by them.  Find out about every Talking Point of the Town as you travel the world with GeoReader.

Follow the app on Twitter, on tumblr and on Facebook … plus find out more about the developer, Dave Moreau, his inspiration and his drive.

The story unfolds in press releases, technology news, local news, and social media among other venues. Get it for your SmartPhone and enjoy every Talking Point™ along the way on your next road trip.

What we did.

We developed the "Talking Points of the Town" and then told them via social media channels where we found those who were interested in hearing all about it.

Finding the right audience was based on pursuing topic, trend, and theme. Historical Preservation, History Buffs, Technology, Travel were key terms to guide this launch into award winning territory.

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