QuantumPathic Institute


Make the works of Sherry Anshara, the author, speaker, and designer of QuantumPathic Energy Method divisible. Get the work in front of the people who require and desire it, to make a difference — for the world, and for her business.


Create an online learning program to teach individuals the QuantumPathic Energy Method tools with an interactive curriculum; and to prepare others for working with the modality as Facilitators and Trainers.


QuantumPathic Institute delivers Membership, MasterCourses, online and live events, plus options for Facilitators and Trainers as a career or as skills for therapists, health practitioners, caregivers, and more.   

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What we did.

We took the QuantumPathic Energy Method tools and created an online, self-paced learning program to provide this modality to people worldwide. Additionally, we host live and recorded events for participants to experience QuantumPathic Energy Method processes in person. Entry is simple and FREE with a variety of giveaway tools. A variety of FREE email programs provide sampling opportunities worldwide. And Social Media is employed to amplify the message.

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