Sherry Anshara


Present Sherry Anshara, the author, speaker, and designer of QuantumPathic Energy Method.


Create an image for the brand, Sherry Anshara, that would be presented across all business efforts.


Voila. Consistently conveying the compelling characteristics of this fantastic woman, and the brand, Sherry Anshara.

Create an Image.

Determine characteristics that embody the brand, Sherry Anshara.

Brand Persona

A brilliant and joyful person, Sherry Anshara is like Coco Chanel ± Albert Einstein infused with Kokopelli spirit. She spent years excelling in a male-dominated field, cultivating her own style and success. Then, after a few life-threatening accidents, Sherry awakened to her calling—applying the science of quantum physics to life in a way that assists people to know and own their truth, realize their personal power, and become free of external authority and the B.S. belief systems that run our lives. Like Einstein, she stays with the problem to the core, determines critical facts at the origin of illness in order to recover and heal. Like Coco who redesigned women’s fashion with a hint from menswear, making clothing more comfortable and fitting for activity, Sherry assists people to feel “well in their skin.” With wisdom, insight, and wit, Sherry brings this all together in the Quantumpathic® Energy Method.

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