Mira Tasich

SLOGAN:  It’s All G.R.E.E.K. to Me!

Mira’s program pillars are Gratitude, Reflection, Inspiration, and Creativity —GREEK. Her workshops “It’s All GREEK to Me” are popular in person and online. Receive inspiration and tips to help you fulfill your dreams and live a happier life at MiraTasich.com.

Defining the USP

Mira Tasich, Author and Lifestyle Coach, delivers a proprietary program to assist women (and men) through transitional periods and into their purpose. She lacked a plan for her vision. And, she required a brand image aligned with her unique process.


Create a strategic plan. Define the Unique Selling Proposition and Proprietary Process. Design a brand signatureÚ M for Mira with the ensō circle f the Zen nature of letting go that Mira espouses—in Zen, ensō is a hand-drawn circle, done in one or two uninhibited brushstrokes, to express a moment when the mind is free to let the body create.  Add a dash of color like that captured in the vibrant photos Mira captures on her travels.


Mira Tasich makes her mark while assisting women to step onto theirs. As the main character, playing the leading role in her own success, Mira is on the scene in the spotlight and ready for action!


I am so happy I took this step.  I see how important Tamara’s suggestions are to my process. Not only that she is knowledgeable and inspirational, but she is an amazing person as well.  I appreciate that Tamara made it possible for me to do her Heartstorming process. — Mira Tasich

To spread the word about Mira’s work and her workshops held in fascinating places around the world, I was honored to assist in creating a presentation she can use to share with individual and corporate clients. Now Mira can continue to build her dream with a plan of action and tools to assist her in sharing it.

What I did.

In a series of heartstorming meetings, I assisted Mira to define her overall goals and prepare a strategy—a Playbook—of actions. Then it became clear how to present her brand and USP. Working with Mira's program pillars, I coined the term G.R.E.E.K. and twisted the phrase "It's all G.R.E.E.K. to me!" to communicate the process that Mira's work envelops. And, to represent her, the signature M with the ensō circle is iconic in reflecting her style and her process of tips and tools to guide you in creating the life you desire.

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