Communicate Brand Culture.

Create the Look.

Define the brand tone and manner for Sarabo to be communicated consistently across platforms digitally and in print. 

Dress for Success.

Refresh the Logo.

Modify the existing design to shift into the spotlight adding a touch of color to align with the culture of the brand.

Distinguish the work.

Design. Show. Coach.

Communicate the three business segments of Sarabo Selections, LLC: Couture, Events, and Consulting.


To ensure consistent brand presence across platforms, it was essential to have a SARABO Brand Lookbook in addition to the business Playbook. This Lookbook guides the ever-evolving team to consistently echo SARABO sentiment in SARABO style.

What we did.

To assist Zoe Sarabo in stepping into the spotlight, I first had to set the stage so her vision was clearly and consistently communicated across platforms. After defining the scene, her complex starring role was clear for action!

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